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Art for Good Mental Health & Well-being

At Art for Good, we follow the simple concept and philosophy of using ART to create GOOD!

There are so many ways we can use ART to create GOOD! Here, we aim to promote the importance of GOOD mental health and well-being through the use of visual arts. In the fast-paced society that we are living in today, mental wellness often gets overlooked. We believe that it is crucial to start nurturing positive mental health from an early age and more attention should be given to mental health.

As a Social Enterprise, we provide professional art services and organise meaningful art projects for the GOOD of our community. Proceeds will be used to fund our efforts in helping children with special needs, disabilities and from low income families. With your support, we can reach out to as many children as possible and make a positive impact to our community!

Join Us on our Journey to use ART for Social Change!

Welcome To Our Shop

We believe in empowering and creating meaning in what we do, which is the essence of our shop.

Purchases from our shop go towards supporting our beneficiaries!

Purchase Meaningful Products

Each product is thoughtfully designed by our artist beneficiaries to brighten your day

Do Social Good

Help uplift underprivileged and vulnerable communities with your purchase

Create A Smile

Your support will bring a smile to our artist beneficiaries including children with special needs

Ways We Can Work Together

There are so many positive applications to art, along with its great potential to create good for the community.

At Art for Good, we value the high quality of our work and we also strongly believe in collaboration.
We are open to collaborations and we would love to welcome any creative idea.

Together, we can reach greater heights! Let’s start a creative project!

Art Therapy is a human service profession that uses art media, images, art processes and client responses to create products as the reflections of personal development, abilities, personality, interests, concerns and conflicts.

Art education and art enrichment encourage the love of learning and personal development. Through our art programs, you will be able to express yourself through art and enjoy the therapeutic benefits that it brings. You can explore different art mediums and a variety of skill levels are welcome.

Giving back through community art projects gives us a sense of fulfillment and appreciation, especially when we contribute to building a more inclusive society. Here you can actively engage with our beneficiaries.

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