Blob’s Profile

Name: Blob

Title: Mental Heath Advocate

Birthday: 16th June 2021

Colour: Turquoise (sometimes in other colours as his mood changes)

Origin: A blob of paint


Blob has different moods too... all of us do.

Can you identify each of them?

Meet Blob's Family and Friends

Citrus and Lemon

Citrus (orange) and Lemon (yellow) are Blob's friends who always encourage Blob and give Blob positive feedback. Blob is always happy when being with them.

Blob and Pink1

Little Pink

Little Pink is Blob's younger sister, and the twin of Lavender. Little Pink is a caring and sweet little girl. She loves to give Blob a warm hug when he needs it.

Ms. Mint

Mint is Bob's art therapist and mentor. She patiently helps blob to cope with his emotions so Blob could understand himself better.

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Lavender is Blob's younger sister and the twin of Little Pink. Lavender is quite sensitive and loves to find Blob for comfort and advice.