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About Us

Art For Good is a social enterprise which creates good through art. We help communities through art therapy, art enrichment and community art projects. Our beneficiaries are vulnerable children, those in poverty, with special needs, suffer from rare disorders & emotional / behavioural problems.


We help different groups and communities by doing good through art. We promote mental well being through visual art creative expression, by conducting art therapy, art enrichment workshops and community art projects. We believe that art and good mental health is for everyone and it is important to start from an early age. Our vision is to help as many children as possible!


Art For Good is based on a simple philosophy of using art to do good. We focus on three different levels of which we use art for good, namely Art Therapy (healing),  Art Enrichment (learning) & Community Art Projects (giving).


Art Therapy:

The purpose of art therapy is essentially one of healing and can be successfully applied to clients with physical, mental or emotional problems, diseases and disorders.


Art Enrichment:

Teaching of technical art making skills, using different art mediums, to create mastery. Learning new skills is an important developmental process in both adults and children.


Community Art:

Giving back through community art projects gives meaning, a sense of appreciation and makes the world a beautiful place. Community art creates a more inclusive society by engagement.


Creating Good through Art by Healing, Learning and Giving


Helping Vulnerable Children in Different Communities by Doing Good through Art

Our Team


Amanda Chen


Amanda is a certified and experienced Art Therapist (MA-AT 2015 Masters in Art Therapy), Arts Educator (Registered with MOE-AMIS) and Fine Arts Teacher (Deyi Academy of Fine Arts). She has been active and current in the social work scene for the past decade and has worked with many charities and social enterprises like Red Pencil, Student Advisory Centre, Center Pottery, Habitat for Humanity Singapore and was the Former Deputy Director of Social Creatives. She currently sits on the board as Honorary Secretary of the Rare Disorders Society of Singapore. Amanda is the lead therapist and also manages all the projects and programs in Art for Good.


Sean Yew


Sean helps to manage projects at Art for good. Previously in the finance sector with Great Eastern Life, he is familiar with client-centered engagement, having managed a portfolio close to 100 clients. After a grueling four years in the finance industry, he decided to explore the arts & education sector, working with children and adults alike. He has grown to like various art forms, such as clay making, fine arts, and is keen to explore other forms of visual art. Sean also plays social football regularly with friends on weekends.

Samantha Photo

Samantha Chan


Samantha is an art enthusiast who has previously worked in PR & Marketing roles at Nikon Singapore, organising press launches, photography workshops and campaigns. She has also marketed for large-scale kids exhibitions and a contemporary music school in Singapore. It was only a decade later, in the pursuit of a greater meaning in life, that Samantha found herself revisiting art – a passion she’s always dreamed of. This time, she fell in love with the intricacies and fluidity of watercolour art. She now paints full-time and supports the social work and art programs at Art for Good.


Gerald Ong


Gerald is an art enthusiast who has been pursuing his passion in the area of Media Art and Photography. He has previously worked as a Sales Representative for six years, selling products and services to B2B and B2C customers in various industries. He also trains in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field. During his free time, he tinkers with Electronics and Robotics Kits to create worksheets and presentations for students.

Gerald has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from Murdoch University, Australia, a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic, WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), and a Cert IV in Training & Education

Presently, he is a consultant for Art for Good and an Educator for School Programmes.



Nancy Wee


Nancy is a veteran design educator in Communication Design, Design Foundation Studies, Polytechnic Foundation Programme & Advance Elective Module program. She taught in ITE and Temasek Polytechnic/School of Design for 36 years. She was trained in Graphic Design from Glasgow School of Art (UK) with a Bachelor (Hons) of Design (Graphic). Nancy has realized several milestones, and marks many cherished moments teaching and witnessing students’ successes since 1990.

Besides teaching, she has found expression in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan and Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia etc where her works have been exhibited and published. Nancy sharpens her creative skills and lends to the progress of visual design in Singapore. She continues to search for higher planes of achievements through visual language and travel regularly to capture images for her posters. She enjoys teaching design and her areas of interests are in Visual Literacy, Visual Thinking, Visual Language, Visual Culture, Mandala art and symbols as therapeutic art.