Sharings From Our Past Interns

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Tracy To

Marketing and Admin Intern

Lunaris Internship Programme
Jan 2022 - Sep 2022

Hi, I'm from HK and this overseas WFH experience has truly been an invaluable one.

My duty includes social media, website updates, e-newsletters, email campaigns, SOP doc updates, and other ad-hocs.

🔍Searching for an internship for my uni course in Creative Industries, this internship turned out to be more meaningful and rewarding than I thought.

😄It was amazing when my post for Junkai (our artist) went viral that his artworks got sold immediately. I was also given spaces to contribute new ideas based on my Comms knowledge and my last internship.

Apart from gaining insights into SG's culture, I'm also equipped with practical skills in social media and website editing. It is my honour to join this meaningful journey at Art for Good.👥🌈


Rachel Tee

Majulah Volunteer

May 2021 - Aug 2021

My internship experience at Art for Good was an extremely insightful and fulfilling one, enabling me to learn many practical skill sets while doing good. I was given the opportunity to help with running various aspects of Art for Good’s daily operations such as social media publicity and volunteer management, and implementing new initiatives that aim to use art to empower children with disabilities. During my internship, I learnt how to design, launch and promote public fundraising campaigns and email blasts to garner public support and donations for our causes of helping underprivileged children through art. As a social media manager, I learnt about how to portray an organisation’s brand image, reach out, and grow an organisation’s community, and conduct online advocacy for our causes. I am extremely thankful for having been able to work with Art for Good and its team and look forward to our continued collaboration to do good through art.


Jerlynn Yap

Republic Polytechnic
Jun - Aug 2019

This internship has provided me with many opportunities, where I have gained experience that helps me both professionally and personally.

By helping out behind the scenes for events and handling the website requirements, gave me insight to how such organisations are being managed.

One of my experiences was that I had first-hand contact with the beneficiaries like special needs children and underprivileged children. Previously, I have done volunteering work for underprivileged elderly, but helping the children gave me a different vibe as the children are active and constantly smiling.

For these experiences, I am very grateful to have worked with Art for Good.


Zeneith Yee

Lithan Academy PCP Program
Nov 2017 - Jul 2018

My Internship with Art for Good provided me opportunities to handle tasks which I would not have imagined myself to learn.

Not being very IT Savvy, helping with the back end of the website was daunting in the beginning. However, I got to learn many things just from handling the backend of the website as I navigated and familiarised with the system. Handling the Social Media design and posts, I feel more confident with myself and handling my tasks as the days go by.

Knowing more about the Social Enterprise Model gave me a different view on how we could use art to improve the lives of others.

Most importantly, art improves mental health and improves well being. All in all, my internship with Art for Good allowed me to learn and experience new things and I am thankful for the opportunity given by Art for Good!


Sean Yew

Project Manager

Lithan Academy PCP Program
Nov 2017 - Jul 2018

I had the opportunity to learn about managing a micro business, particularly a social enterprise that works closely with various partners, ranging from government to non-government organizations, educational institutions as well as corporate entities.

Art for Good also focuses on employee development, as I was a beneficiary of the Professional Conversion Programme, a 9-month course which equipped me with digital marketing skills to boost the company’s marketing efforts.

The most memorable experience through my time here was making a difference to youths at risk, through art and art therapy. Watching them grow and express themselves better through art made my job all the more meaningful.

Want to be part of our team?

Catholic High School Entrepreneurship Program Learning Journey

6 July 2018

Catholic High students visited our Art Outreach program location where our founder Amanda Chen shared about Art For Good as an arts social enterprise. The students asked meaningful questions about how the organisation gives back to the community through art. They also crafted messages of encouragement which would be gifted to the beneficiaries of our Art Outreach program.

Riverside Secondary School Learning Journey

19 September 2018

Riverside Secondary School students came for their learning journey at our Art Outreach program location where our founder Amanda Chen shared about Art for Good as an arts social enterprise. The students crafted messages of encouragement, which they could then gift to someone they knew. Two of the students left their cards behind for Art For Good to encourage us to continue what we are doing and use art to do more good!

CIP Project with Students from ITE

1-18 November 2018

With special thanks to Nurin Najwa Binti Amran, Ang Zheng Quan Dion, Cheng Qi Ting Joanna, Lina Li Yuan, Nick Bryan Tan, Tan Xuan Xin Dulcie!

6 students from ITE volunteered with Art for Good to organise their own art fundraising program with underprivileged children by making and selling keychains at our Christmas booth. They drew and coloured the keychains in our classroom together with the beneficiaries from our Art Outreach program. The students then brought them back home to microwave and attach the keychain parts. The children from our Art Outreach program got to keep two keychains while the rest were sold at our booth. Keychains are also available on our online shop!

Interview for Research Project with Students from Kangnam University

7 January 2020

A group of Korean students from Kangnam University visited Singapore to do research on Social Enterprises in Singapore. Art for Good was happy to participate in their project! The interview was held at Art for Good Art Studio. Afterwards, we brought them out for a scrumptious Singaporean meal!