By Cora Liang & Amanda Chen

August 2021

During August 2021, there was concern in reaching out and engaging seniors from Brighton during the lockdown during the pandemic. We were able to conduct a zoom art session for the seniors to make Among Us characters, which were later gifted to the children from low income families from the Brighton community.

This also allowed the social workers to interact and check in on the seniors online! There is so much good art can do!

Online art zoom session for the seniors

June 2022

During the June 2022 School Holidays, we conducted 4 Art Therapy Workshops at Brighton (Simei) and Brighton (Macpherson), where we had around 40 children from low-income families engage in creativity and art journaling activities. 

The purpose was to find emotion regulation through art making, build confidence and empower the children through creative activities. The children were able to have fun and unleash their creativity through art!

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