Enjoy a creative art experience! Choose from our Lipstick making, Candy Making and Nagomi Art Workshops! We can organise these private art workshops at your location or at our Art for Good Art Studio. $40 per head, minimum of 4 persons to start

1. Lipstick Making

Need ideas for a gift? Or just simply want to make a unique lipstick for yourself? Come join us with your friends to experience something new! Enjoy the achievement and show off to your friends with your own creation!

Design and make your own eco-friendly, refillable and beautiful lipstick! Learn about the process and what exactly goes into your lipstick. Handmade lipsticks are made with natural ingredients like olive oil and there are no colour powders or heavy metals.

All materials and equipment required for the workshop will be provided. This workshop includes 1 custom flavoured and coloured lipstick, 1 designed lipstick cover and 1 gift box. Refills are available.

2. Candy Making

Love sweets and candies? Join us in our workshop to learn how to make your own low GI lollipops to accompany your tea and coffee or to give your kids a tooth-friendly candy! For our lollipops, we use isomalt as a substitute for sugar as it has no impact on blood sugar levels and does not stimulate the release of insulin.

Furthermore, our lollipop does not promote tooth decay and is completely tooth-friendly! Come and learn about the process of making lollipops in the healthiest way possible!

All materials and equipment required for the workshop will be provided. The workshop includes decorations and wrappings for 4 candies, which can be brought home! This workshop is highly popular among children! Let’s advocate a lifestyle with healthy sweets!

3. Soft Pastel Nagomi Art

Do you enjoy the peaceful feeling while doing art but at the same time, not sure how to go about doing it? Do you appreciate soft, translucent, and pastel colours? Join us in our Soft Pastel Nagomi Art workshop and design your own nagomi art pieces, bookmarks or greeting cards. Learn and experience the therapeutic benefits as well as the peacefulness while creating nagomi art of your preferred choice!

All materials and equipment required for the workshop will be provided. This workshop includes a choice of 1 nagomi art bookmark or 1 nagomi art square card.

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