14 July 2018

This community sports and art project “Paint-nalty” was sponsored by Sports SG and open to the public. The children from our Art Outreach Program also participated in this event. Using paint-covered soccer balls were kicked onto a canvas sheet, creating interesting designs and patterns as textiles onto a canvas stretched on a goal post. The event provided engagement on all levels, with participants as young as 4 years of age. The objective of the event was to promote an entry-level of fun and engagement in sports and art.

A record was broken that day, with the Singapore Book of Records as the “Largest Artwork Made from Penalty Kicks”. We invited the public to join us in helping us break this record. We had around 100 participants that day who engaged in this activity.

The canvas from this event was then placed in our social community art project, where we transformed the canvas into merchandise which is available for purchase. The project to provide awareness towards the poverty situation in Singapore, and raise funds for our Art Outreach Program. For our Art Outreach program, we use art to connect with children from low-income families. We provide art enrichment classes to those who would not be able to afford such classes.