Art for Good partnered with Jesuit Refugee Service Singapore (JRS) and Kumpulan ACTS (ACTS) to embark on an ongoing project to provide Art Therapy for refugees. The refugees from this project reside in a medical respite facility in Malaysia, most have physical health issues, some are recovering from health issues and some suffering from incurable or terminal illnesses. There is a mixed demographic of Burmese refugees.

Art Therapy is provided to the groups which include pre-school children, women, men and caregivers of the facility who were beginning to show signs of burn out. Each group is provided with a one-hour art therapy session. The objective of art therapy is to provide emotional support and therapeutic relief through their suffering. The project first started in November 2017 and continues regularly every 3-4 months. Art therapists are invited to come on a volunteer basis, JRS sponsors art materials, travel expenses, accommodation and food for the therapists over a 3 day period.

Women Empowerment Project

We empower the women from the facility by teaching them crafting skills. Art for Good organizes, sponsors the art materials, markets and sells the products to support these women.

The intention of this project is to promote interaction, engagement and sustainable income for the women at the facility. Artists are invited to join us in Malaysia, to teach women different crafting skills. The crafts become merchandise to create awareness and funding for this project. The crafts include sewing, embroidery and decoupage. We sell these products at our flea market booths in Singapore.