Art Workshops for Youths to Conduct

 Art Outreach to Children from Low Income Families

By Courtney Ellis

20 November 2020 – 18 December 2020

Art for Good collaborated with Youth Corps on an Art Online project, which was to be conducted online by their youth volunteers, for children from low income families. By training the youths to conduct the art programs, we were able to reach out to a larger group of children who are in need. 

There were three parts to this engagement which included an Introduction to Art Therapy and how to incorporate some art therapy best practices in their engagement with the children, the development of four art curriculums and training on teaching art online to the children from low income families aged 6-12. 

Art Online Workshops were designed with specific themes in mind to encourage creativity, self expression, self exploration and self confidence. The themes included Anime Me (learning how to draw animes and having the children create their own), A Fun Self Portrait (a creative way to create a face by using all the icons and symbols of the things that they like), Good vs Bad (an exploration to what is good and bad within them) and Present & Future Self (a reflective artwork on who they are and who they would like to become). 

These art sessions were a fantastic opportunity for the youth involved to engage the children through art activities, where they were able to get creative and explore their own personal feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

During the lockdown, we were still able to run the training program and the art outreach to the children, with everything done online via Zoom! We look forward to more meaningful collaborations and art workshops like these. If you are interested to collaborate with us, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at!

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