Using Art to Support Children who are Siblings to Children with Disabilities

By Rachel Tee

21 June 2021

Art For Good conducted an art expression workshop in collaboration with MINDSibs. This one and a half hour workshop was held over Zoom for the siblings of children with disabilities. The aim of the workshop was to encourage the siblings to use art to encourage creative expression and self-expression, and to create conversations about their relationships with their siblings who have autism. 

The reality and gravity of the situation is that when the parents eventually pass away, the siblings are most likely needed to take over the role of the caregivers for their siblings with special needs and disabilities, who will be unable to independently care for themselves. Therefore, it is important to include siblings as part of the outreach and interventions.

During the session, one noteworthy art activity involved encouraging the children to develop a drawing from two circles side by side. The children were to draw a representation of themselves on one circle, with their siblings with disabilities on the other circle. From how the children created the visuals and shared their feelings, we were able to have some insights on the existing relationships, both good and bad, between the siblings.

All in all, we were glad that the session turned out to be extremely meaningful and enjoyable for the children, who got to develop their creativity to better understand and express themselves, and have some perspective to their relationship with their siblings with disabilities through art. 

Despite the pandemic and restrictions, we were able to successfully conduct this session online via Zoom! We look forward to more meaningful collaborations and art workshops like these, if you are interested to collaborate with us, we would love to hear from you! 

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