A Meaningful Team Bonding Activity via Zoom

By Tracy To & Amanda Chen

January 2022

For our third Staff VIA team bonding activity with Hougang Primary School, we had a Soft Pastel Nagomi Art workshop conducted over zoom. We had art kits packed for them, which they could pick up from school prior to the workshop.

Staff members from Hougang Primary School engaged in the therapeutic art-making of Soft Pastel Nagomi Art over zoom, conducted by Zundeng. Collectively, they created 130 cards which were mailed to all the children from RDSS for New Year! The children were delighted to receive mails that were addressed directly to them!

Chloe is happy to receive her New Year gift!
Chloe is happy to receive her New Year gift!

We are grateful to receive positive feedback messages from parents of the children from Rare Disorders Society of Singapore (RDSS).

We believe in meaningful projects like these, where we use art to create good for our community!

If you are looking for a meaningful team bonding activity like this, email us at hello@artforgood.sg to collaborate!

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