What is Pastel Nagomi Art?

Pastel Nagomi Art is a Japanese styled pastel art. It originated from Japan and was created by the founder of Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA), Mr. Hosoya Norikatsu. Pastel Nagomi Art is easy to learn, and one does not require any art background to acquire the skill. By using soft pastel, paper and your fingers, you can create a wonderful art piece in just 30 minutes! Pastel Nagomi art is also known to have therapeutic and calming effects on the people practicing it. Thus, many counsellors and therapists are adopting this art form as a therapeutic method to help patients achieve emotional balance. Essentially, the purpose of promoting Pastel Nagomi Art is to help cultivate a society and community that is spiritually rich, healthy, harmonious and balanced.

What made you start pursuing Nagomi Art? How did you start?

Creating art has been my hobby since young. Due to work and family commitments, I did not do art for a very long time. This all changed when I chanced upon Pastel Nagomi Art in 2018. The simplicity of this art form immediately captured my attention, and fuelled my aspiration to step into this industry. Without a second thought, I decided to start my art journey by enrolling in a course to become a certified Pastel Nagomi Art instructor.

Why do you especially enjoy Nagomi Art?

I find it easy to handle, and the tools and materials for Pastel Nagomi Art tools are simple to prepare. I can launch into the “production mode” to create my art in no time. With some soothing music, soft pastel, and a piece of square paper, I can enjoy some “Me Time” in a little corner doing this art.

How is Nagomi Art unique from other art forms?

Well, Pastel Nagomi Art is very different from conventional art in the sense that there is no right or wrong when creating pastel Nagomi Art. Thus, your creativity is not limited by any prejudgement on how an object should look like. Someone with minimal basic techniques will also be able to create beautiful Nagomi Art pieces.

How has creating Nagomi Art helped your mental well-being?

When painting Pastel Nagomi Art, I do not have to worry too much about the outcome of my creation. The art creation process is very simple and straightforward. Furthermore, this art form is very forgiving, as I can erase and make alterations to my design while I am painting. So, I can simply enjoy the process of creating Pastel Nagomi Art without feeling stressed about having to produce a sophisticated artwork at the end. From the psychological perspective, the process of Nagomi Art creation is stress-free and filled with enjoyment.

Who is suitable to do Nagomi Art?

As long as you can apply the pastel powder onto a piece of paper with your finger, Pastel Nagomi Art is for you! I have students ranging from 5 to over 80 years of age. You can take up Pastel Nagomi Art even if you do not have any art background. So, I would say that Pastel Nagomi Art is suitable for anyone who is interested to try out this art form.

Why would someone be interested in doing Nagomi Art?

Generally, Pastel Nagomi Art is very eye catching and pleasing to the eye. Many people fall in love with it at first sight. And when they find out how easy it is to learn Pastel Nagomi Art, they will want to try out. Normally an introductory workshop to Pastel Nagomi Art will equip students with the basic knowledge and techniques, and enable them to create wonderful artworks in just an hour! Furthermore, the painting process is very enjoyable. This gives them confidence to continue attending more Pastel Nagomi Art sessions!

In what ways do you think that Nagomi Art can help others with their mental health or general well-being?

When you repetitively rub your finger on a paper, the sensation on your finger tip tends to produce a calming effect. In Pastel Nagomi Art, we mostly paint with our fingers to produce heartwarming and beautiful paintings. You will feel very satisfied and happy, enjoying a sense of achievement! Through this little achievement, it helps to build up a person’s confidence and confidence brings hope. All these positive feelings that one experiences when creating Nagomi Art helps one enjoy better emotional well-being.

Any tips for people who want to start trying Nagomi Art?

Before the COVID-19 global pandemic happened, Pastel Nagomi Art classes were mostly available through face-to-face workshops. This is the preferred way for teaching Pastel Nagomi Art as face-to-face classes allow for closer human interaction and socialising. However, due to the current global pandemic we will need to adapt and adjust the method of delivering Pastel Nagomi Art lessons.
Nowadays, there are many channels for one to learn Pastel Nagomi Art. I will recommend anyone who wants to start creating Pastel Nagomi Art to get a Pastel Nagomi Art starter kit and self-learn it from Youtube videos or sign up for online workshops. When the pandemic situation improves, I would recommend trying out at least one physical session of Pastel Nagomi Art class.
If one would like to further pursue Pastel Nagomi Art, I would recommend he or she to sign up for a Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) accredited Basic of Pastel Nagomi Art & Associated Instructive Art Diploma Course. This course guides one through every aspect of Pastel Nagomi Art in an in-depth manner, while maintaining the simplicity and easy-to-learn nature of Pastel Nagomi Art.