What is photography to you? Is photography for everyone?

Photography is a form of expression to capture one’s perspective through a lens. It also allows us to document life and the events around us. Photography can be for everyone and in fact, digital technological advances in photography have allowed it to become even more accessible to everyone.

How did you start photography?

I started photography since a tender young age of nine, I would snap photos of everyone and everything, everywhere I went. When I got hold of a film camera at fifteen, I started on a more serious photography path. My love for taking pictures had managed to get me a scholarship in photography. However, due to family issues, I had to forego the opportunity.

After army in 2006, I decided to make passion my career. I was working in Kodak as a consultant and trainer. In between, I worked on my craft by doing event and wedding photography.

In 2008, I enhanced my skills by joining a production company, starting from the bottom, as a photographer assistant (in other words, like a coolie), and slowly worked myself up. Photographer assistants were not allowed to touch the cameras. If I made any mistakes in lighting settings, I would literally get slapped for it. Only when I finally progressed to become a junior photographer, I started to learn a lot.

Due to family issues again, I had to work in another company as a marketing photographer, but I had more flexible working hours. I realised that this company belongs to Jacky Chan and started working with him. He liked my work so much that I was chosen to be his photographer which was to be based in Singapore representing the company. Then in 2012, I started my own studio.

Can you explain more about the benefits of photography? 

Photography requires you to take a step back and make observations before taking the picture which you want to capture. Photography helps you become more aware of the things and people around you. Digital photography requires lesser motor skills order to achieve the end result, attributing to higher chances of success. There are different levels within the craft depending on how you would like to take it, to allow you to become more technical and creative with the process and final result.

How does this form of artwork help parents & children? // Does photography have any therapy benefits? 

Being able to quickly capture special moments and sharing them is something unique to photography. It simply requires you to point as shoot, making this easy and accessible as a starting point. It is something families can do together and share in the moment and bonds relationships. It can help with focus, creativity and more importantly, find meaning. It can also be a form of exercise, if you count the walking around, plus carrying the equipment!

What is the collaboration between you and Art for Good? // Why do you collaborate with AFG?

My collaboration with Art for Good is using art to do good, which is through my photography. I find a purpose in helping people, especially since I have gone through difficult times as well as a teenager. I believe that photography is an art form of which can potentially help people to find happiness.

How can I start? // Any tips to take better images? 

A simple exercise would be to walk around more, observe the world around you. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes and simply just feel.

If you would like to pursue photography, you can join my photography lesson in AFG. For enquiries please contact us.