Art education and art enrichment encourages the love of learning and personal development. It is about the exploration of different art mediums and can be done at different skill levels. We believe in the therapeutic qualities that art can bring, where the actual art making process is calming, soothing and healing. It will be important to learn different art making techniques to have the skills and options to best express yourself through art.

Art Education Programs


We believe in the therapeutic benefits of art, incorporating Positive Art Therapy approaches in specially curated and designed art curriculums, workshops and programs.

Art therapy based art curriculums incorporate Art as Therapy approaches when applied in educational settings, when not physically conducted by an art therapist. Trainings can be conducted to be better understand the concept of art therapy and the approaches within the curriculums / programs.

Using a client centred approach, we mindfully plan the framework for individuals, schools, charities and organisations.

We have developed curriculums and programs for:

  • Early Childhood / Kindergartens / Nursery
  • Primary / Secondary / Tertiary
  • Youths
  • Adult Learning / Diploma Level / Certification Level

Education and Learning with Art for Good

We encourage learning opportunities with different schools at different levels and internships.

Education journeys with art for good have included school learning journeys, where the students learn more about social enterprises and how they work. We have even had Korean students from Kangnam University visit is as well!

We encourage CIP projects for where students plan and facilitate their own Art for Good projects!

We also have had a few interns join us at different stages, to help us with our projects.


Art Enrichment

Skill Based Art Workshops

Art Enrichment involves the teaching of technical art making skills, using different forms of art mediums. Making good art is an important skill as it builds confidence through skill mastery. We teach at different skill levels which is adjusted in class.

We can organise for large groups at your location or in small groups at our Art for Good Art Studio (by appointment only).


  • Pencil Work / Still Life Anime / Cartoon Drawing
  • Watercolour Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Clay (Air Dry)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Origami

Specialty Art Workshops

Speciality art workshops engage artists who specialise in specific art making skills. This brings a unique crafting and art making experience by exploring different unconventional art mediums. We encourage life long learning and the exploration of new experiences!

We can organise for large groups at your location or in small groups at our Art for Good Art Studio (by appointment only).


  • Lip Stick Making
  • Candy Making
  • Soft Pastel Nagomi Art
  • Mug / Plate Painting
  • Fabric Painting / Print Making