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Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a human service profession that uses art media, images, art processes and client responses to the created products as reflections of development, abilities, personality, interests, concerns & conflicts. The art therapy practice is based on human developmental and psychological theories for assessment and treatment, which include educational, psychodynamic, cognitive and other therapeutic means of reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, developing social skills, managing behaviour, solving problems, reducing anxiety, aiding reality orientation and increasing self-esteem. Art therapy encourages self-expression to explore problems using a range of art materials, enabling positive change and personal growth. The intention is not a focus on artistic skills but in engaging in a creative personal process.

Some programs we provide:

Stress / Anger Management
Emotion regulation / Understanding emotions

Parent-Child Bonding
Building better relationships through art making

Introduction to Art Therapy
Applications of Art Therapy & Art Therapy Experiential

Character Building & Strengthening

Art & Happiness
A combination of positive Psychology & Art

Art Enrichment

Art Enrichment

Art Enrichment involves the teaching of technical art making skills, using different forms of art mediums. Making good art is an important skill as it builds confidence through skill mastery. Learning new skills is an important developmental process in both adults & children. Art Enrichment supports a holistic approach to education, fostering a creative mind. In an academic society, we want to give children an opportunity by developing their natural talent in art and allowing them to be creative individuals.

We provide Fine Arts Studies for All Ages. Our teachers are qualified and have many years of experience.
We offer professional art instruction classes for Adults & Kids, Beginners and Advanced, Portfolio preparation and for anyone who wants to create beautiful art with Canvas, Oil Painting, Acrylic, Sketch and Watercolour!

Trial Lesson @ $70/$90
2hr x 3 Lessons @ $199
2hr x 5hr Lessons @ $310
2hr x 10 Lessons @ $580
3hr x 10 Lessons @ $780
* Includes all art materials

Class Schedule:
Tuesday – Saturday

*Subject to Availability
* Flexible Timing

Community Project

Community Art Projects

Giving back through community art projects gives meaning, a sense of appreciation and makes the world a beautiful place. Community art creates a more inclusive society by involvement and engagement. We can create art in public spaces, which can be permanent and temporary murals and art installations. Whether you are the artist, helper or observer, the art would have made an impact in that space.
We also encourage children to learn about giving back. We have children as young as four years of age donating their art towards meaningful projects. In a recent project, their artwork was used to make postcards to create happiness for terminally ill children in HSTR ward.

Some programs we provide:

Corporate Art Workshops
Team Building & Synergy through art!

Mural Painting
Paint a mural together with us, or commission us to paint a mural for you!

Art Installation
Temporary or Permanent Art Installations on Glass, 3D Structures, Hanging Structures

Art Exhibition & Events
Fundraising activities to raise funds and create awareness to social causes

Charity & Fundraising Events / Activities

Art Collaboration
We are open to new art projects and ideas… Come and create art projects with us!

We have recently launched the AFG Kids’ Art Club. We started off from humble beginnings, where we had our art classes on a picnic mat under the void deck. We now have it in a classroom, kindly sponsored by the Town Council. We would require the funds to run art programs for the children and to grow the art program. The funds will be used to cover some expenses, such as the costs of art materials and supplies, enable them to attend workshops, classes and excursions. For the children who need emotional support and counselling, we will provide them with art therapy. So put a smile on a child’s face today. Donate to our Art Development fund 🙂