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Music Art Therapy

Music Art Therapy


Photo by Clarence Aw

9 June 2019 – Last Sunday, 20 autism families turned up at The Artground for Mozart 36, a unique art-music experience. Designed by art therapist Amanda Chen from The Red Pencil – Humanitarian Mission, Singaporean concert violinist Tang Tee Khoon and animateur Sharon Sum from Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series, Mozart 36 encourages children to explore the connection between their emotions and art, and provides a sensory experience and stimulus for children with special needs or who are living within challenging circumstances.


Animateur Sharon Sum first led the children with autism and their siblings to create big body movements with live music by Mozart presented by British pianist Sam Haywood and Singaporean violinist Tang Tee Khoon. Subsequently, art therapist Amanda Chen taught them to use soft pastels to express themselves on craft paper as the music played on. It was a joy to watch the children immerse themselves in this beautiful pairing of art and music. Even JY who has not shown much interest in art had a whale of a time playing with the mixture of colours under the special effect of live classical music. The session drew to an end as the music faded. It would have been hard to send the children off if not for the visual arts space, Happy Homebodies designed by Gracie Chai awaiting outside.


I would like to thank Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series and The Red Pencil for extending the invitation to Friends of ASD Families this year. Our children were so blessed to have this interesting exposure to the arts. The families had great fun and were especially grateful that even the siblings could join in. Thank you Jessie Goh, Sharon, Kee Khoon, Sam, Amanda, art therapy students and volunteers for putting this together for us. We took the opportunity to support Metta Cafe by getting some cookies baked by youths with special needs as a small token of appreciation for the whole team.

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