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Mural Projects

Mural Projects

Commissioned Mural Projects

We are sometimes commissioned to do murals and art installations, where we engage local artist talents.


2017 – We were commissioned to paint the facade of KAMA Restaurant, this mural was sponsored by Budweiser. (Image 1)


2018 – We created an inspirational wall at East Coast Primary School, where the children would later stick on their dreams, beliefs and achievements. The wall writes “Dream, Believe, Achieve”. (Image 2 & 3)


2017 – Jovis Cafe commissioned us to paint a Psalm inspired mural, “As a Deer”. They loved it so much they installed lightings to enhance the mural. (Image 4)


2018 – This was our biggest mural project at Clementi  Woods Kindergarten. This project took 200 hours and 6 artists to complete over 10 days.

Feature Wall: Children playing on a hill in their school uniforms. Spanning 30 meters. (Image 7)

Corridor: Garden theme running across 30 meters of wall. (Image 9)

Classrooms: mascot children on top of their bookshelves. (Image 5,6 & 8)



Community Art – Team Bonding Mural Projects

We create team bonding and community art projects where corporates, children and volunteers paint for a good cause!


2018 – YWCA children’s activity room, we created a superhero-themed art mural, together with the beneficiaries from YWCA as well as the volunteers. (Image 1-3)


2018 – Team bonding event organized for National University Hospital Department of Ophthalmology team. This mural was created for Children’s Wishing Well to inspire the children. The theme was “Every Child is a Star”. The walls were painted with inspirational quotes and gold stars! (Image 4-6)


2018 – Community Art Project in collaboration with Mural Lingo, we painted an animal shelter (BFF) for cats and dogs. Children from our art outreach program were brought out to experience mural painting! (Image 7-9)